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Why Online Ordering Doesn’t Encourage More Price Shopping

Supply Wizards has become an integral part of Vending & OCS Operators businesses for many years.  And one worry we sometimes hear from these operators is that our online ordering platform shows their product pricing to customers. Therefore, they think that customers might compare prices with places like Amazon, Costco, or Staples. Well, we’re here to set the record straight.

In this blog, we’ll share why you don’t need to worry about showing product prices to customers.

Making the Shift to Ordering Online: Staying in the Game

If you’re still using old-school methods like calling, emailing, or faxing to take orders, you might be falling behind your competitors. These days, customers expect to be able to order refreshments, office supplies, sundries and more online, and it’s a big part of how businesses work now.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Operators, there is no need to worry! Why? Because your customers choose to work with you because of the service you provide. That includes equipment, maintenance, specialized product selection, and convenient delivery. Your sales team negotiates service terms, equipment, and pricing with your customers as usual. Once you and the customer come to an agreement, you invite them to online ordering with Supply Wizards so that day-to-day, ordering from you is super quick and convenient for them. That means that customers who use online ordering have already said “yes” to your proposal for product, pricing, equipment, and maintenance when they signed up. Importantly, they can see additional products that you have to offer that you may not have discussed during your initial conversations. While pricing is an important factor for customers, they’ve agreed to the pricing they will see once they log in to their custom site, and price comparisons with big stores like Amazon or Costco don’t happen any more frequently than they do presently.

Why Pricing Matters

It’s important to know that your customers, like office managers or HR professionals, want to know how much things cost. The Supply Wizards online ordering platform not only shows prices but also helps customers stick to their budgets. Being able to set different prices in the Supply Wizards online ordering platform for different customers is a great feature for customizing the service. Plus, it’s all confidential. This means each customer gets a unique deal that works for them.

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Clear Pricing Makes Ordering Simple

Customers already saw the prices when they signed up, whether they were buying snacks, coffee, hotel pantry supplies, water services, or other refreshments. Now, they can get everything they need in one place. In other words, they don’t have to check out at different places like Amazon, Costco, or Staples. This makes the office manager’s job easier, and gives them more time to focus on their primary job.

Putting Customers First

In a world with lots of choices, the main reason a customer might leave is if they’re not getting good service. Offering consistent, reliable service alongside a genuine commitment to their satisfaction builds trust. When customers feel valued and understood, they not only return but also become advocates, spreading the word about their exceptional experiences, becoming the lifeblood of sustained success for your business. So, it’s important to give your customers a good experience with every interaction. In short,  combining the Supply Wizard online ordering technology with a stellar customer experience will set you apart from your competitors.

In the end, prices are just a small part of what makes customers happy. The good news? Our online ordering system not only keeps up with the latest tech trends but it also gives tools to stand out while offering an awesome experience for customers. Using this technology isn’t just moving forward. It’s a big step in making sure that your break room services are ready for the future.

If you’re ready to delight your customers with a robust online ordering system, contact Supply Wizards for more information. Your customers will love it and your business will thrive.