working with hotel renovation contractor

5 Tips for Working with Hotel Renovation Contractors

Nothing can seem more daunting than managing a hotel remodeling project. The challenges are sometimes many and often unforeseen. Overcoming them is a matter of planning, preparation, and a strong partnership with a quality hotel renovation contractor.

Keyword: partnership.

The success of the project results from both parties working together. It’s this teamwork that helps managers maintain the same level of service for guests and meet their expectations throughout construction. 

But this partnership doesn’t happen over night; working with a hotel renovation contractor has its challenges. Meet them head-on with these five tips for a more successful hotel renovation project.

5 Tips for Working with Hotel Renovation Contractors

1. Clear Communication

The impact of poor communication is immense and often leads to a myriad of problems. During the renovation process, miscommunication with your contractor will only lead to major headaches.

That’s why it’s so important to remain in constant communication with key members of the construction team throughout the project. Clearly communicate your goals and expectations from the start. Here are some ways to ensure clear communication with your hotel renovation contractor:

  • Explain the objective for the room/area being remodeled
  • Provide as many details as possible
  • Keep a journal to track conversations

2. Proper Etiquette

As a hotel manager, how many times have you dealt with guests with unreasonable requests? Probably more than you’d like to acknowledge. It’s a similar situation when working with your hotel renovation company. A partnership is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect. 

Sure, you are the customer in this situation. But that doesn’t give you room to make demands that can’t be met. Every industry has established procedures for how the work gets done; construction is no different. Develop a sense of trust with your contractor and be respectful of their time. 

In other words, it all boils down to being a good customer.

3. Verify Their License & Insurance

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong only to find out the hotel renovation contractor you chose didn’t have proper insurance. It’s a big, messy legal battle that you don’t want any part of. When searching for contractors, ask them for an insurance certificate and proof of a license. An inability to provide this documentation quickly and in full is a surefire sign to move on to another company.

4. Make Sure Contract is Clear

The contract between your hotel and the renovation contractor is by far the most important element to the project. It’s what protects both parties and should be as clear and detailed as possible. A good, experienced contractor should be able to put together an adequate contract that sets clear guidelines for:

  • The timeline for the project
  • A payment schedule
  • Procedures for changes made

5. Prepare for Problems

No renovation project goes exactly as planned. Unforeseen problems, whether large or small, occur. Despite detailed planning, a contractor could discover an issue with the electrical work or plumbing that can completely change the scope of the project. Hotel managers must plan as best as they can, both mentally and financially. 

Whether your renovation is as simple as installing a hotel pantry or as large as remodeling the entire hotel, working with a hotel renovation contractor should feel more like a partnership.