How We Think About Software At Supply Wizards

Software has become the main catalyst for innovation in almost all industries. There is an abundance of tools available to help companies of all kinds save time, increase revenue, or improve upon existing processes. With the click of a mouse, important information can be processed to the exact specifications needed and complex calculations can be made in an instant. These types of platforms have the ability to revolutionize entire industries.

Although technology has been prominent in vending and OCS for a while, it hasn’t been until recent years that VMS programs–complete with route management, inventory control, fleet management, and other features–have really begun to help transform the way operators work. These new systems have also attracted a greater audience, as industry veteran Bob Tullio explains in Operator’s Thankful List – 2019

#4 – Be thankful for tech savvy newcomers – Young investors are being attracted to the convenience services industry. These newcomers aren’t family members of operators, they are part of investment groups who, as Kelner points out, “can’t resist the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a technology-driven industry. Unattended retail, warehouse management programs and route telemetric software have suddenly positioned convenience services as a cutting-edge industry with plenty of upside. Investors have taken notice.”

That’s great news, and it’s this kind of interest that will help propel the industry forward.  

Software Provides Real Solutions to Real Problems

At Supply Wizards we work hard to deliver a reliable, easy-to-use solution. We take a holistic approach to solving the issues that go into OCS procedures, from the customer’s vantage point as well as the operator’s. Software needs to meet specific needs in a simple and flexible way that is designed to increase efficiency, and these are the standards to which we hold Supply Wizards.

Simplicity: OCS operations are complex. Managing customer orders, inventory, picking, and scheduling routes are a real logistical challenge. We built our software to meet these challenges head-on and simplify them so operators can better serve customers. 

Flexibility: No two operators are the same. We understand that one company might work in a completely different way from how another works. The Supply Wizards platform is a flexible and customizable solution that doesn’t force you to work in a way that doesn’t work for you.

Efficiency: The more efficient your operations are, the more you’ll be able to focus on the most important matters of your business. 

In today’s competitive landscape, operators must be able to meet their customers where they are–online. They must also reduce as much friction as possible to help them more easily buy products. OCS can be complex, and Supply Wizards helps operators meet the needs of their customers while simplifying their process on the backend. 

It’s an exciting time to be an operator. Taking advantage of the right tools can set your business apart.