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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Break Room Your Employees Will Love

There are few places where people spend more of their waking hours than at work, which makes the company break room the primary location of comfort for a significant portion of the workweek. It’s a place where they can regroup after a bad phone call or getting yelled at for a mistake. That’s why it’s so important to do it right.

Some companies, like Google and Facebook, are known for elaborate break rooms. Games, TV’s, and modern furniture are some features that employees get to enjoy. The reason these companies approached their break room design int his way wasn’t simply because it’s cool or fun. It’s because they recognize the benefits for a well-designed shared space.

Now, this isn’t to say you need a huge budget to do up the break room like Google. In fact, you can do it for a fairly low cost (relatively speaking, of course). What’s important is that you do it right and avoid these mistakes when creating a break room your employees will love.

1. Buying Uncomfortable Furniture

Budgeting is always a concern when designing a break room, and it’s often why companies skimp on the furniture. But if the break room is a place for employees to relax for a few minutes, don’t you want them to be comfortable? When choosing furniture, be sure to do some research. Check out the reviews online or better yet test the furniture out yourself.

2. Choosing The Wrong Decorations

Research has shown that the right artwork in the workplace not only makes people happier but increases their productivity by 32%. That means avoiding cheesy posters of a mountain top with the word “courage” or “determination” written on them. Pick artwork that reflects your company’s culture and is inspirational without having to say it outright.

3. Not Having A Message Board

The break room is the one part of the workplace where everyone is welcome at any time. It’s where your work-community gathers on a daily basis, and this provides an opportunity for everyone to share important information and announcements. Every break room should have a message board for this reason.

4. Not Keeping It Food-Friendly

Large companies often have full kitchens that make up part of their break rooms. For smaller companies that don’t have that luxury, offering snacks through an office snack delivery service is more common. Either way, your break room should be a place where employees can easily enjoy lunch or a quick snack to help them power through the day.

5. Providing Bad Coffee

…or no coffee at all. As more Americans are drinking coffee now more than ever, it’s essential that you provide it in the office. It’s expected. Here at Supply Wizards, we offer a full variety of artisan and gourmet coffee options.

6. Ignoring Input From Employees

Since the break room is for all employees, you should involve them in the process. Listen to what they have to say and decide if the ideas are something to consider. You could take votes on specific things like paint color, lighting fixtures, or artwork. Involving them in this way makes them feel included and helps create a dynamic workplace culture.

hotel technology guests love to use

Hotel Tech Guests Love

For hotel guests these days, a great experience goes beyond excellent customer service and complimentary perks. The technology your hotel offers has become just as important as gracious staff members and a free breakfast. It might seem counterintuitive to the increased desire for a more personalized experience that consumers want, but personalization doesn’t necessarily mean hotel staff needs to be more present. In fact it’s quite the opposite: guests increasingly prefer to handle their own needs without the help of a hotel employee. Here are different examples of hotel technology that guests love.

Smartphone Functionality

What can’t you do with your phone? When it comes to enhancing the guest experience at your hotel, it’s time to think mobile. Services like ALICE are helping guests request and receive the services they want right from the palm of their hand. If a guest needs more towels or has a question, they can use their phone for a near-immediate response.

Online Streaming

If the goal of your hotel is to help provide a ‘home away from home’ for guests, then you need to make sure your rooms reflect how people live at home. According to the Pew Research Center, 61% of young adults use online streaming to watch TV. If they visit you’re hotel, it’s likely they’ll be frustrated if they can’t stream their favorite show or at least connect their devices to the TV in their room.

Keyless Entry

How many times have you had to hand out extra keycards to guests who lost them? Probably more than you can or would like to count. An increasing amount of hotels, including Marriott and Hilton, are moving towards providing mobile apps that guests can use to unlock their doors.


Not many hotels currently employ the use of robots to deliver products like towels or coffee to guests, but for those that do the guests seem to like it. According to Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke, a company that manufactures robots, “Guests love that their deliveries come in under half the time (typically in five minutes), they don’t have to tip the robot and [they] avoid awkward human interactions when they’re getting ready for bed.”