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Top 3 Takeaways from the NAMA Coffee Tea & Water Conference

There is a lot to learn about break rooms. So, we were happy to go to the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Coffee Tea & Water Conference in Indianapolis. After all, these drinks are an important part of every epic break room. And choosing the best refreshment options has the power to improve the employee experience.

The meeting was full of knowledge, networking, and valuable lessons. We loved the keynote session about experience-driven workplaces. It had a lot of good info about employees going back to work. And that means the need for office coffee, office pantry, and water filtration services in the office. Therefore, it’s important to wow clients with great customer service and products. In this growing market, these things matter.

Keep reading for our key takeaways from the NAMA Coffee Tea and Water conference.

Workers Are Coming Back

During and after COVID-19, many workers got used to working from home. Well, that’s changing. In fact, John Boccuzzi, Jr., the Keynote Speaker at CTW, found that 59.1% of workers are going back to the office full-time. What does this mean? It means that Vending and OCS operators can be corporate office superheroes! Now more than ever, you can step up your game by offering coffee and office pantry services. You can do this by using the right technology and delivering the best customer experience.

Every Vending and OCS Operator should offer an easy process. It’s convenient for customers to order coffee and pantry products online, as it makes it easy to restock the break room. Gone are the days of taking orders over the phone or email. Instead, you should offer your customers a user-friendly online ordering platform. That’s where we come in!

Offer Unique and Authentic Interactions

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Today’s marketplace is competitive. Therefore, you’ve got to stand out. How can you do this? Well, you can start by offering unique and authentic experiences. You should make every interaction with your customer count. Help your customers solve their “pain points” and make their jobs easier. As a Vending and OCS operator, you have one chance to make a good first impression! How you work with the client matters.

As a Vending and OCS operator, your focus should be on making the entire transaction a customer-centric one. Most of these people are looking for customer service and convenience in the process. For example, you can offer special deals to your customers. Trust us, they’re going to love it!

According to NAMA, technology matters

One of the main things we learned at NAMA is that technology plays a crucial role in your break room. Technology is being used to improve every aspect of the convenience services industry. This includes the production, distribution, and consumption. The result? An increase in online ordering. According to the Automatic Merchandiser’s 2022 State of the Industry Report, many operators have reported that business is improving even more in 2023. They also found that employers are willing to pay more for convenience services as incentives for workers returning to the office. And that’s where online ordering comes in.

If you’re still taking office coffee orders through emails or phone calls, you should consider upgrading to an online ordering system. Offering your customers the convenience of online ordering can give you a leg up from your competitors. You can even stand out by giving deals and promoting products online.

In addition, an online ordering system helps you grow revenue by doing the upselling for you with automated features. Customers will also more reliably place orders. If you don’t offer them an easy-to-use online ordering system, they might find someone who will. In other words, the time is now!

If you’re ready to delight your customers with a robust online ordering system, contact Supply Wizards for more information. Your customers will love it and your business will thrive.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Use an Office Coffee Service

Coffee is a must-have in any workplace. Not only does it get employees going in the morning, but it also helps get them through the workday slog, especially in those hours after lunch. Maintaining equipment and managing products, however, can take its toll. What initially began as a perk for employees soon feels like a chore for those responsible for the coffee. If your office is in this predicament, it might be time to search for a quality office coffee service. Here are the signs to watch for.

1. Your office keeps running out of coffee

It takes time for someone to go to the store to buy coffee and other break room supplies. If your office keeps running out of coffee, it’s time to look into an office coffee service that will deliver right to your location.

2. The coffee tastes bad

Nobody likes bad coffee. A good office coffee service is able to provide a variety of fresh and delicious coffee suitable for the tastes of everyone on your team.

3. Productivity is down

From increasing energy to improving focus and attention, coffee is known to help make workplaces more productive. If your office seems to be in a slump and productivity is lagging, it could be time to hire a quality office coffee service.

4. Employees aren’t happy

If your employees aren’t happy, it’s a sure sign it’s time to take the necessary measures to boost morale. Office coffee services, while not the only way to increase happiness, shows employees they’re valued and promotes a more open office culture.

5. You see employees with Starbucks in hand

Don’t get us wrong–Starbucks is great. But if all your employees are spending time getting coffee elsewhere, it’s time to really consider using an office coffee service. Not only are they spending their own money every day on something most offices provide for free, but they’re also spending time away from the office to purchase it!

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10 Facebook Pages Every Coffee Lover Should Follow

Coffee is more than just a beverage. It’s a way of life. A culture. Connoisseurs of one of the world’s most popular beverages sometimes even center their lives around it.

Like sports fanatics, there’s apparel and accessories and communities devoted to all things coffee. That includes Facebook pages, each with its own perspective and regular output of content that ranges from funny memes to inspirational quotes to helpful information. What are they?

Here are ten of the most popular Facebook pages every coffee lover should follow.

1. Love Coffee

Followers: 211K +

A page dedicated to promoting everything that is “good, delicious, and possible” with coffee.

2. Coffee Funnies

Followers: 238K +

This page is perfect for coffee lovers with a sense of humor, as it shares funny and light-hearted memes that go great with your morning cup of joe.

3. Sweatpants & Coffee

Followers: 498K +

Sit back, relax, and just be comfortable. Sweatpants & Coffee aims to inspire people to be “the most comfortable versions of themselves.”

4. Starbucks

Followers: 36 million

Ah, the world’s most popular coffee brand. There’s more to their Facebook page than product promotions. You can learn more about their sustainability practices or stories about “coffee, community, humanity, and a better world” through their Starbucks Stories.

5. Funny Coffee Memes

Followers: 25K +

The name really says it all.

6. Coffee Detective

Followers: 5K +

More than just a Facebook page, Coffee Detective is a blog dedicated help coffee connoisseurs make the perfect cup of coffee.

7. Folgers

Followers: 1.4 million

Another household name, the Folgers Facebook page offers promotions, news, and entertainment for coffee drinkers.

8. The Coffee Compass

Followers: 3K +

For the craft coffee drinker, The Coffee Compass provides content about brewing methods as well as reviews and interviews.

9. Make Good Coffee

Followers: 1.2K +

Interested in learning how to make a better cup of coffee? Make Good Coffee is your ticket.

10. Keurig

Followers: 2.7 million

The revolutionary company that brought you a truly convenient way to make a single cup of coffee.

different hands holding coffee mugs

Funny Coffee Mugs For The Office

Any coffee drinker worth their beans knows that the mug from which they drink is just as important as the coffee itself. If you’re searching for a good coffee mug to bring to the office, below are seven choices.


At least there’s coffee in those meetings, right?


coffee mug for the office

Weeeeee! Okay, now get back to work.


coffee mug from etsy



funny coffee mug from Amazon

Good job! (Sort of.)


coffee mug

Yeah, you’re gonna have to build up that tolerance.


You can only go so far with your BS. (Or can you?)


crazy to work here coffee mug

At least you have coffee?

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Choosing a Coffee Pot or Single Serve Machine for Your Office?

Every workplace needs coffee. Whether it’s for a small office or a large manufacturing facility, coffee is the fuel that gets people going in the morning. But what kind of coffee machine is best for your office? Should you use an office coffee service to handle it for you?

The answer is determined by several factors:

  1. How many employees there are
  2. How important it is for the coffee to taste good
  3. How much time do you (or anyone) want to spend dealing with coffee

Employee Count

If your office is small and doesn’t have a lot of employees, it wouldn’t make sense to have a full pot of coffee sitting there every day. You could end up just pouring money down the drain…literally.

The Importance of Taste

Some people are pretty picky about their coffee, and we don’t blame them. Some coffee makers provide higher-quality coffee than others. Take a quick survey of employees to see how important the taste is.

Time Constraints

Not that making a fresh pot of coffee takes a long time, but it can take you away from work for a few minutes. That can get frustrating if you’re the person in charge of keeping fresh coffee available. A few minutes here and there throughout the day, every day can get old.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of demand there is for coffee in your office, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both types of machines.

Single-Serve Coffee Machine

There are several different types of single-service coffee machines out there, but Keurig is perhaps the most popular. It’s convenient and offers a variety of flavors.

The pros:

  • Brews coffee in under a minute
  • Variety of flavors
  • Make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more

The cons:

  • The pods can be expensive
  • Coffee doesn’t taste as good as fresh-brewed
  • K-cups are not recyclable

Coffee Pot

The biggest question you’ll face if you’re going to choose a pot over a single-serve machine is whether or not you want a commercial grade or consumer grade coffee maker. This will largely depend on how many people work in your office. For small offices up to about thirty people, a consumer grade machine will suffice. But if there are dozens or even hundreds of employees, a commercial grade coffee pot would be better.

The pros:

  • One pot can serve many people
  • The coffee tastes better
  • Just pour and go

The cons:

  • More maintenance
  • If empty, you have to wait for a new cup

Whichever you decide you want, Supply Wizards can connect you with a local office coffee provider that and offer a full range of coffee flavors and brews. Contact us to get started!

light roast vs dark roast coffee beans

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee

If you use an office coffee service, there’s probably a lot of debate among employees about light and dark roast. Disputes over which type tastes better or which one has more caffeine are likely common in your workplace. While the only thing that really matters is that they enjoy the coffee, it does make one wonder: Is one better? Does one type have more caffeine?

The Difference Between Light and Dark Roast Coffee

The distinctive features in taste between the two different kinds are a result of how the beans are roasted. A light roast is exposed to heat for less time than a dark roast, which means it retains more of the bean’s original flavor. It also means it will be higher in acidity, so if you’re one whose stomach easily gets upset, a light roast might not be your best choice.

With a darker roast, the beans are exposed to higher heat at longer intervals. This method creates a flavor that is sweeter, heavier, and much less acidic.

Which Type Has More Caffeine?

When a coffee bean is roasted, the natural oils are drawn out from it, as well as the caffeine it contains. So the longer the bean is roasting, the more oils and caffeine content are extracted. That said, lighter roasts have more caffeine because they are exposed to heat for a shorter amount of time than dark roast.

Settling the Dispute Among Employees

Despite the fact that lighter roasts have more caffeine, it’s really a personal choice as to which kind tastes better. The best way to settle this difference among employees is to provide them with a full variety of coffee choices.