3 Small Changes To Your Hotel Pantry That’ll Make A Big Difference

As grab-n-go concepts for snacks and beverages are highly preferred among guests, more hotel managers are choosing to install a pantry to meet this growing need. But managing a pantry can be quite a challenge. If you find that your hotel pantry is lagging in performance, here are three simple changes you can implement to improve sales and guest performance.

1. Sell What Guests Like

Stocking your hotel pantry with items that you or your staff prefer isn’t serving your guests well. Fill the shelves with items your guests want. This might take some time, especially if you’ve only recently set up a pantry. But talk to your guests. Find out what they like. If you’re using a pantry management platform like Supply Wizards, you can view sales data to help you decide which items sell best.

2. Group Similar Items Together

Ever walked into a retail store and couldn’t easily find something? It’s a rare experience. That’s because everything is organized in a particular way. You won’t find sporting good items mixed in with medicine. When it comes to your pantry, you want guests to easily find what it is they’re in the mood for. Keep sweets with the sweets, savory with savory, and so on.

3. Place New Items Among Top-Sellers

Once you do decide to try selling new products in your hotel pantry, be sure to place them between items that are already selling well. The last thing you want to do is place them in a corner where guests won’t be able to easily find them.