Best Places To Purchase Break Room Furniture Online

Putting together a break room for employees is no easy task. There’s an abundance of options to consider when it comes to designing a comfortable space for employees to seek short refuge from a busy workday. For example, buying the right break room furniture. It might seem like an easy thing to do. After all, it’s not your house you’re trying to decorate. It’s just the office break room, so whatever’s cheapest works, right?

Wrong. There is no *just* anything.

Not that cost isn’t important, but we’re talking about the place where your employees can gather, relax, and grab some office snacks. It helps them regroup after that stressful phone call or a long, data-filled meeting. Break rooms can enhance the workplace in ways you wouldn’t think of, such as increased engagement and productivity. In short, a well-designed break room can improve day-to-day operations within your office.

What to Consider When Buying Office Break Room Furniture

Before you jump into purchasing furniture too fast, take some time to consider what your specific needs are, such as:

  • Price/Budget
  • Spacing
  • Style
  • Comfort

You’re better off taking your time with your buying decision to make sure you get exactly what you want. To help with this process, get the whole office involved. Have everyone vote on the break room furniture you want to buy. It’ll make things easier on you and make employees feel valued.

7 Online Sources to Buy Break Room Furniture

1. National Business Furniture

Buying break room furniture

Since 1975, NBF has been providing office furniture for a variety of businesses and institutions. In addition to furniture, they also provide free office space planning. All of their products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

2. Wayfair

Although Wayfair’s specialties lie within the home decor category, they are also another great online source for break room and office furniture.


where to buy break room furniture is an NBF company offering a full range of furniture for offices an break rooms.

4. Office Depot

break room furniture from Office Depot

If you’re on a budget or looking for something more practical, Office Depot/Office Max is a great source for folding tables and chairs.

5. Amazon

how to buy break room furniture from Amazon

What doesn’t Amazon sell, right?

6. Worthington Direct

purchase break room tables and chairs

Worthington Direct’s specialties include church and school furniture, so if you’re looking for items with a little more flare, this could be a good source.

7. Staples

Staples break room furniture

Staples has plenty more to offer than just, well, staples. Check out their website for your break room furniture needs.