Pantry Market Management

Supply Wizards manages your market for you. Once you select your items and par levels, Supply Wizards does the rest.

Integrated Check Out App

The Supply Wizards app keeps your inventory up-to-date.  Let Supply Wizards order you back to par each week.

Market Analytics

Understand your market like never before.  Supply Wizards tracks profitability, sales volume, and shrinkage across your store and by item.

Stocking Your Hotel Pantry Has Never Been Easier


Save Time

Reduce the time spent on buying products for your pantry to mere minutes. Supplies are just a click away.


Fast, Open Box Delivery

Your orders are fulfilled in 24-48 hours.  They’re delivered by a local supplier in an open box, so all you have to do is sign.


Order Any Quantity

No need to order by the case. Simply purchase the exact amount of any item needed.

The way hotel manager Ben currently manages his new pantry is time consuming and costly. Between stocking shelves, sourcing product from multiple suppliers, and taking inventory on paper, Ben is not able to focus on his guests. See how our single-source solution helps Ben manage every aspect of his pantry, from delivery to inventory. Watch video:


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