Sell more products to more customers now!

Never miss out on a sale again. Create an online store where your customers can easily shop and buy products.

Provide a superior online ordering experience for your OCS, Pantry, or Provisioning Customers

Not all customers are created equal. Some expect that white-glove service only you provide. But for the rest, an online ordering option is ideal. It’s simple and efficient. After all, they’re already ordering their office supplies online. Why not their coffee and snacks?

It’s time to move on from fax, phone, and email orders. It’s outdated, inefficient, and costing you sales!

Here’s why…

By extending your services with an online store, you engage with your customers where they already are. A robust online store helps them discover more new products in your warehouse, which means more sales for you.


Supply Wizards is designed to help you sell more. Here’s how it works.

Let your customers discover more products

Promote Products and Create Specials

Juicy promotional offers are hard to resist, there’s no denying that. Discovering discounts and specials are integral to any shopping experience. That includes online. With Supply Wizards, you can promote new products and offer deals on existing ones with our banner feature to help drive more sales.

Recommend More Products

Another way for your customers to discover and purchase more products is through our recommendation feature. Powered by a machine learning algorithm, customers are presented with new and complementary products based on past purchases.

Let Customers Find What They Want

For your customers who know exactly what they want, they can use our advanced search feature to find it. Let them browse for specific items so they can add them to their order.

E-commerce Built Specifically For OCS


Whether you have a VMS in place or use a picking system, Supply Wizards is flexible and can fit into your existing operations. If you don’t, you can manage all customer orders right from our platform.

Client Management

The Supply Wizards online store allows you to manage each customer based on your contract with them. Set pricing, deliveries, and other terms however needed.

Order Management

Providing OCS is far more nuanced than regular e-commerce. Each client has their own preferences, and orders can change on a whim. Order management is simple with Supply Wizards. 


Ready to start selling more products online? Contact us today to see how it works.