OCS Driver App

Add products, take or update orders, and get customer signatures on the fly — all from one mobile app.

Stand Out With Your Customers on The Spot


Your success as an OCS operator depends on efficiency. That means delivering the right products in a timely manner. 

But you know better than anyone that deliveries don’t go as planned. 

Drivers encounter all kinds of different situations out in the field, like:

  • Products that were damaged en route
  • Additional requests from customers while on site
  • Sudden changes to route schedules

The Supply Wizards mobile app empowers your team to stay nimble enough to keep up with these demands.

Here’s how it can help you…

Take orders in the field

Whether your drivers get a last-minute request while at a customer location or you want a better way to manage par level accounts, our OCS Driver App gets the job done. No more handwritten orders that are hard to read or end up lost. 


Get Signatures

Need to take signatures on-site? No problem! Just have them sign using the mobile app and your drivers can get on with their route.

For Both Android and iOS Users

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