All the wholesale snacks & supplies your hotel pantry needs

Purchase all your snacks, beverages, and sundry items from one source.

The value hotels see in a pantry market is undeniable.


Improved Guest Experience

Hotel managers report increased value from the convenience of the ability to stay on premise.


Additional Revenue

Pantry markets see increase in spending for guests due to a wider selection of products.

Higher Profit Margin

Pantry markets outperform traditional vending by 2x-3x in bottom-line revenue for hotels.




But there are operational challenges.



Time Constraints

Managing a hotel pantry is time consuming. Most managers spend 3+ hours a week on pantry management.

Purchasing Products

Hotels purchase from an average of 4 suppliers including local grocery and wholesale stores.

Inaccurate Insights

Without any pantry management system, the insights into spending, profitability, and shrinkage is faulty.


Supply Wizards is the solution. Here’s how it works.

Shop Hundreds of Products

Hotel guests are as diverse as our product list. Choose from over 300 items to keep each one satisfied. Whether they want something sweet, savory, or healthy, we’ve got it covered. 

Sundry Items

How often do guests forget toothpaste? Nail clippers? Help them out by providing the sundries they need for a comfortable stay.


Place Your Order Online

No more shopping at multiple stores. Purchase all your wholesale snacks, drinks, and sundry items right from your desk with an easy-to-use online platform.


1-2 Business Day Delivery

Supply Wizards connects you with a local vending operator who can deliver all the items you want in an open box within 1-2 business days.

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