A better way to manage Delivery Services

Provide a modern, frictionless buying experience for your OCS, provisioning, and pantry customers.


How Supply Wizards Helps Your Business

Create More Value For Your Customers

Let your customers easily click their way through a new order that integrates seamlessly with your VMS. It saves them time, and improves the accuracy of their orders. No VMS? No problem–manage orders right in the Supply Wizards system.

Grow Revenue

Offer more of your inventory to existing customers by promoting new and complementary products through banner displays and specials.

Focus On High-Priority Customers

Reduce the amount of time drivers spend on accounts that don’t need special attention so you can focus more on “white glove” customers that provide higher ROI.

Sell To New Customers

Expand your Delivery Services channel by offering OCS, pantry, hotel, and filter services to more new customers.

Still taking customer orders by phone, fax, and email?

Watch how Supply Wizards fits seamlessly into your current operations to bring online ordering to your customers, and more efficiency to your team.

All-in-One Online Ordering Platform for OCS Operators


Your entire order management process in one place.

From receiving to fulfilling orders, the Supply Wizards web-based platform streamlines your entire Delivery Services channel. Save time on processing customer orders and focus more on what really matters–providing excellent service.

Mobile app so drivers can make changes in the field.

How often do your drivers arrive at an account only to realize the customer needs to modify their order? Or that product was damaged en route? With the Supply Wizards mobile app, your drivers can make the necessary changes on-the-go to keep operations running smoothly.

Other OCS Operators Getting Value From Supply Wizards

What our customers are saying…

“Supply Wizards has improved order accuracy, customer experience, and overall order processing timeframe. This has increased accuracy and efficiency in our office!”

Natalie P.

OCS Corporate Support Manager, Five Star Foods

“Love the new online system!”

M. Richardson