Web-Based Software To Help Manage OCS, Provisioning, and Pantry Delivery Operations

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“Supply Wizards offers our clients a simple way to keep their pantry replenished with everything from one source. Customers can simply place an order online and rest assured knowing it will be delivered quickly. Pricing is competitive and because the platform offers “by the each” ordering, waste is minimal. Doing business with local branches supports our client communities.”

MaryBeth M.

Business Development Manager - Hospitality, Accent Food Services


Operators Growing with Supply Wizards

The industry is changing. Are you keeping up?

Today’s customer is all about convenience. As their needs shift to more non-traditional vending options, vending sales are stagnant. But it’s not that there isn’t any room for growth. It’s just that the industry is evolving as a result of these preferences and the growth is in other areas:

  • OCS
  • Provisioning
  • Hotel Pantries

More and more workplaces offer drinks and snacks as a perk, and hotels are trading in their vending for pantries. These changes create new opportunities for operators to grow. You have the items they want, and Supply Wizards is your gateway to getting it to them. Envisioned by founders of Vending Group, our platform will help you succeed in these new channels.


A Web-Based Platform That Streamlines Your Ordering & Fulfillment Processes

Order Management

  • Set order preferences
  • Place orders for customers
  • Manage customer-submitted orders
  • Print picklists and invoices

Inventory Management

  • Upload product lists and costs
  • Set custom products and pricing
  • Customize taxes
  • Set promotional products

Client Management

  • Create and manage clients
  • Determine individual customer discounts
  • Easily manage user and order information

Mobile App Makes Drivers More Successful at Managing Deliveries & Accounts

Your drivers are the frontline of your entire operation. Our mobile application is designed to help them manage their routes and provide better customer service.

  • Manage & assign routes
  • Manage multiple drivers
  • Take orders at client’s location
  • Confirm deliveries
  • Reduce paper invoicing


Customer Portal

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Help make it easy for them to order product with the Supply Wizards customer portal. Our sleek, easy-to-use online ordering system provides a simple way for customers to get the items they want and keeps you from having to keep track of email, phone calls, or even handwritten requests.


Whether you have a VMS in place or use a picking system (or not), Supply Wizards is flexible and can fit into your existing operations.

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