About Us

Supply Wizards provides vending and OCS operators with easy-to-implement online ordering and driver app tools to grow their OCS, Provisioning, Hotel Pantry and Direct Delivery business.

We understand the challenges of managing your business through multiple systems.  That’s why our platform fits with your existing warehouse and vend management systems.  Consumers expect to be able to order online, and OCS and provisioning customers want a system that’s so easy to use that they can delegate ordering to an employee.  With Supply Wizards, your customers experience an exceptional, customized and user-friendly online ordering experience. And your employees receive and process orders through your existing systems. That means more sales with minimal changes to the way you currently do business.


Partnership Background




Our experience in the food & beverage industry spans more than 20 years. We understand how to bridge the gap between the market and your needs in order to help you provide the best customer experience possible.