Vending machines are one of the original break room services. They were–and to a large extent still are–one of the most effective ways to provide employees with access to refreshing beverages and snacks.

But company break rooms have changed in recent years. They’re no longer sparsely decorated, ill-lit rooms that smell like a mix of ashtrays and cleaning products. Many companies have turned their break rooms into a recruiting tool, where sleek furniture, games, and free snacks are all on full display. The message? We take our jobs seriously, but we’re also a fun place to work and value our employees.

To get the food and beverages they want, many workplaces have left the traditional vending set up behind. They’ve turned to services like Amazon or Snacknation to get them delivered. How’s an operator to compete?

One option is to reinvent your business. That means offering consumers what they want: a snack delivery approach with an online ordering option. Vending machine services aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but investing in OCS, pantry, and provisioning are the key to growth.

“Supply Wizards has improved order accuracy, customer experience, and overall order processing timeframe. This has increased accuracy and efficiency in our office!” – Natalie P., OCS Corporate Support Manager, Five-Star Foods, Nashville, TN

As an operator, you might think those accounts aren’t a good fit. After all, you provide vending machine services. But you have exactly what those customers are looking for: snacks! You also have the logistical know-how of distribution. So it’s really not too different from vending operations. Instead of filling a vending machine with product, drivers can stock shelves and countertops. But to be successful, it’s important to offer customers an online ordering portal. Here are three reasons why.

1. It Creates a New Revenue Stream

Offering an online ordering platform for customers makes it easier for them to request products. The easier it is for them to use, the more they’re likely to purchase and spread the word that your business meets (and exceeds) their needs. And for existing accounts that are wanting to switch to a snack delivery service, you can offer them an option instead of losing the customer to another source.

2. Better Customer Experience

According to Salesforce, 57% of consumers have stopped buying from a business because a competitor offered a better experience. Let that sink in a moment. Furthermore, 67% say they’d pay more for a better experience. By offering an online ordering option, you’re helping improve the way customers experience your service. Online ordering is faster and easier.

3. Improved Efficiency

Receiving and managing orders via spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls can get messy really fast. And when things get messy, customers get upset. An online ordering platform that helps manage orders and inventory keeps your operation running smoothly, leading to more satisfied customers.