Hotel guests demand variety. Whether it’s with room preferences or amenities, they want as many options as possible so they can choose the one that best suits their personal taste. Their snacking habits are no different, which is why hotel pantries have become so popular.

Compared to vending machines–which can be prone to service problems–a pantry provides far more options, is aesthetically pleasing, and has more potential to add value to your hotel. But where do you find all those products to stock your pantry? Here are four ways to get the items you need.

1. Costco

The obvious first choice, Costco (or any wholesale club) is the go-to entity for purchasing snacks and drinks in bulk. You can find just about everything needed to keep your hotel pantry stocked. The only downside is that it requires staff to leave the hotel to spend time shopping when they should be on site helping guests. 

2. Amazon

Another way to buy your snacks and drinks is through Amazon. The leader in online shopping for virtually anything makes it simple to get the products you want delivered to your hotel. However, there’s a chance certain items won’t be available, forcing you to run out to the store.

3. Boxed

Boxed helps make shopping for bulk items easy. The company was founded in 2013 and has distribution centers across the United States. Shop for wholesale products in a variety of categories, including snacks, beverages, baby items, and more. 

4. Supply Wizards

The above companies are all great choices to use for purchasing your wholesale products in bulk. Supply Wizards, however, was designed with busy hotel managers in mind. It connects you with a local snack and beverage supplier. The platform allows you to order in bulk online and receive the products within 1-2 business days. Also, the technology behind it helps you keep track of sales and inventory in your pantry.